Russell Brand Pays A Visit To Ibiza Calm

English comedian, actor, radio/podcast host, author, activist and fourteen year recovering addict, Russell Brand recently paid a visit to Ibiza Calm. Whist on vacation, the long-time friend of the centre attended a meeting and delivered an inspirational talk to clients, sharing his unique blend of honesty, humour, wisdom and advice. Drawing from his bestselling book, [...]

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We are proud of our team

Meet The Team at Ibiza Calm We would like to introduce our team of experts here at Ibiza Calm, hand picked for their knowledge and expertise. They are all play a vital role in making your stay here at Ibiza calm a comfortable and transformative one. John McKeown  - Managing Director John McKeown trained in London [...]

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Alcohol the world’s most acceptable drug

Alcohol the world’s most acceptable drug You probably first tried it as a teenager maybe you even had the odd sip as a child. It’s used to celebrate most occasions, its legal and advertised on T.V, you can purchase it from your local shop or supermarket, even from a petrol station, alcohol. You can consume [...]

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