The Steps Of Sobriety – Change and How To Deal With It.

“My Identity shifted when I got into recovery, That’s who I am now, and it actually gives me greater pleasure to have that identity than to be a musician or anything else because it keeps me in a manageable size…..it gives me a spiritual anchor.” This is a  quote by Eric Clapton on his sobriety [...]

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Suicide – A Life Lost Every 40 Seconds

Suicide accounts for one death every 40 seconds and globally every year, up to 800,000 people die from commiting suicide. It is a leading cause in premature death with young adult death rates climbing and even though suicide is more prevelent in lower income areas, the middle and upper class also adds to the death [...]

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Overdose Awareness Day

Last week was international overdose awareness day, a day which started in 2012, originating in Australia, but aimed at raising awareness all over the world.  Below are facts and Statistics around drug overdosing.  190,000 is the estimated number of deaths globally from drug overdoses.  The USA has the highest death toll related to drug taking [...]

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