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Self Assessment Questionnaire: Do I have OCD?

If you think you may have OCD, try answering these questions as a first step towards working out if you need help. This questionnaire is only a basic guide, and cannot replace a professional evaluation.

  1.  I have to repeatedly check doors and windows every time I leave the house. Yes/No
  2. I feel anxious if lights are left on, because I’m worried they won’t get turned off.  Yes/No
  3. There’s a special number of times I have to do a certain task.  Yes/No
  4. My hands are sore and dry from constant washing.  Yes/No
  5. I have to cancel out every ‘bad’ thought with a ‘good’ thought. Yes/No
  6. I keep a lot of items at home that other people would throw away. Yes/No
  7. I always but things like towels, clothes, books or other objects into a special order or pattern that has to be just right. Yes/No
  8. I go over and over in my head events, things I’ve said, or things I’ve put in an email or text message. Yes/No
  9. I spend a lot of time each day cleaning objects or the house. Yes/No
  10. I hate using public lavatories and don’t touch door handles with my bare skin. Yes/No
  11. I have to repeat tasks until it feels to me that they’ve been done just right. Yes/No
  12. I feel anxious about certain words and phrases being spoken. Yes/No
  13. I feel worried every time other people leave the house. Yes/No
  14. I avoid driving in case I cause a road accident. Yes/No
  15. I get very worried about illness and don’t like being near people who are ill. Yes/No
  16. Tasks have to be done in a strict order and in a certain way, and if it doesn’t go perfectly I have to start from the beginning and do them all again. Yes/No
  17. The things I do help to stop disaster from happening. Yes/No

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to four or more questions, it’s suggested you search for help.

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