Happy Anniversary!!!

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Ibiza Calm - Happy Anniversary!!!
09/08/2017 | category: News

Happy Anniversary!!!

At Ibiza Calm, we are proud to be able to say that we have been open for 2 years now and have helped hundreds of people find a better way of life.

Our rehab clinic is set within a beautifully refurbished 500-year-old ibicenco farmhouse in the heart of Ibiza, which we now call home and so do many others who have been here.

Led by our multifaceted, highly qualified team of health, wellness and medical professionals we support clients on their journey to a happy, healthy and free life away from addiction.

At Ibiza Calm we adopt an integrated addiction treatment model looking at illness of addiction from several different perspectives at the same time. Our psychiatrist, psychologist, therapists, yoga and fitness instructors use a range of techniques to help the client understand the nature and severity of their addiction and any other co-occurring mental health issue.

We use a compassion-based model of treatment which is non-shaming and non-blaming and we provide support which empowers the sense of dignity and teaches functional self-care. We use several therapeutic techniques such as CBT, motivational interviewing, an introduction to 12 step recovery and various group therapies. This combines physical movement, a healthy balanced diet and a very quiet, comfortable and inspiring property.

The client group varies in size, so individualised care is more possible than in larger units.

At Ibiza Calm we deal with several addictionsalcohol addiction, drug dependency of any sort plus prescription medicine, which is a huge problem these days. We also treat gambling addictions – the access to online gambling has skyrocketed into another major problem. Eating disorders, sex addiction, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder can also be treated at Ibiza Calm – each and every case is treated as unique.

We never stop listening, wanting to improve our service to best accommodate the individual’s treatment experience, leading to sustained change and happiness.

More to follow on our blog very soon…

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