Reasons to Travel to Ibiza Calm ‘Out of Season’

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Ibiza Calm - Reasons to Travel to Ibiza Calm ‘Out of Season’
15/10/2020 | category: News

Reasons to Travel to Ibiza Calm ‘Out of Season’

Unlike a large portion of business’s in Ibiza who operate on a seasonal basis, Ibiza Calm stays open all year round. Whilst Ibiza is famed for its long, hot summers many of our clients to travel to us out of season, preferring the cooler climate and quieter atmosphere. Here are just a few benefits of travelling to us from October through to May, or the ‘winter’ months.

Ibiza Calm Spanish Rehab Relax

Peace and Quiet
In the quieter months, the population of the Island of Ibiza falls drastically from around 400,000 to 150,000, unencumbered by the thousands of tourists who flock to the island each summer. By travelling to Ibiza out of season you are less likely to come into contact with tourists of any of the usual crowds. This can be particularly important for our clients travelling on commercial airlines who do not wish to encounter any of the ‘party-goers’ travelling to Ibiza during the summer months. Our winter clients also experience a more sedate, peaceful way of life and we believe this contributes to a successful recovery.

Ibiza Calm Spanish Rehab Quite

Mild Temperatures All Year Round
Ibiza experiences around 300 blue-sky days per year, come summer or winter. Therefore, you are most likely to experience sunshine on the Island even when visiting in the autumn and winter months. This allows our clients to be more active during the day in the winter months, without the uncomfortable midday heat of the Ibizan summer. Not only this, Ibiza stays reasonably warm all year round with the temperature dropping comfortably in the evenings during the winter. This allows for a cooler, more comfortable sleep which is always beneficial during your recovery. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of the heat the winter months may provide a more pleasant temperature for you!

Ibiza Calm Spanish Rehab Bespoke Treatment

Bespoke Care
All of our staff are on-site all year round, so travelling to Ibiza Calm ‘out of season’ will not mean you experience a lesser quality of care. On the contrary, the rehab may even be quieter so you may experience a more bespoke and personal treatment. The winter curriculum is also very similar to the summer, with plenty of exercise classes and walks where you can experience the beautiful scenery of Ibiza without the crowds.

Ibiza Calm Spanish Rehab Escape

Escape the Festive Period
We are open throughout the Christmas and New Year period, which has been proven to be an especially difficult time of the year for addicts and those suffering with mental health problems. According to the addiction charity Addaction, the consumption of alcohol in Britain increases a massive 40% in December alone. Perhaps an escape to an entirely new country over Christmas is exactly what you need to begin your recovery journey.

If you would like any more information about our rehab centre, or to begin your recovery journey at Ibiza Calm, please contact sharon@ibizacalm.com

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