What is special about treatment at Ibiza Calm?

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Ibiza Calm - What is special about treatment at Ibiza Calm?
11/06/2018 | category: News

What is special about treatment at Ibiza Calm?

What is special about treatment at Ibiza Calm?

The home of Ibiza Calm is a 500-year-old Ibizan Finca situated on three hectares of farmland, lined with orange and lemon groves. This idyllic setting offers the perfect combination of privacy, peace and tranquillity together, laying the ideal foundations for recovery. Our residential rehabilitation centre is the only licensed treatment centre in Ibiza offering a more holistic integrative model of rehabilitation to Spain. We specialise in treating addictions, including alcoholism, drugs, pharmaceuticals and gambling. We treat a range of disorders, including eating, behavioural, bipolar and depression. Our aim is to create a therapeutic community where individuals take responsibility for themselves and each other. The goal is to improve family and social functioning, raise self-esteem and develop full participation in society and family life.

Our Integrative Approach

  • Treatment, we offer the most proven methods of treatment based on abstinence. Detoxification if required, then a range of therapeutic techniques are used including CBT, individual and group therapy and an introduction to the 12 steps.


  • The personal touch, is key at Ibiza Calm, creating an intimate environment with no more than 10 clients at a time. The small amount of places allows us to evaluate the needs of each client and provide individual, optimum treatment adapted to each individuals needs.


  • The location of our Ibiza Calm home is a beautiful country house in the heart of Ibizan countryside creates the ideal environment to develop our therapeutic treatments techniques related to Ecotherapy. The bases of this principle are that people are connected and affected by their natural environment. The grounds provide ample space for walking, relaxation and contemplation.


  • Bespoke treatment plan, a personal treatment plan for is created for each client. This includes holistic therapies (meditation, mindfulness, yoga) educational lectures, motivational interviews and physical exercise.


  • Our Highly qualified expert team offer treatment in both English and Spanish, some of whom have over 30 years of experience working in the addiction treatment field.


  • A healthy balanced diet, tailored to each clients individual needs by our in house dietician. Organic food from our garden and orchard forms part of our nutritious menu.


  • Ibiza’s healing energy, enhances our integrative approach, taking in all that the islands nature has to offer including: swimming in the therapeutic Mediterranean sea, watching the most stunning sunsets and going on nature walks.


  • Medical support on hand 24/7 with access to the local hospital if required.


  • Family support and therapy is offered, as we understand that addiction affects the family as a whole and this is an integral part of recovery.


  • Relapse prevention and aftercare, each client receives an aftercare plan at the end of treatment. In addition we offer aftercare session in Ibiza and London (included for 6 months).

At Ibiza Calm, we have created a supportive and restful space for our clients, taking care of and treating the individual as a whole. Going to the root cause of the addiction or disorder as well as treating the symptoms. From years of experience we have found that taking a non-judgemental approach is key to overcoming addiction and we have designed the treatment centre with this in mind providing the perfect environment for a successful recovery.

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