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Alcoholism Rehab

Alcoholism Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, alcoholism rehab at Ibiza Calm may be the solution you need to start your journey to recovery. The Ibiza Calm team comprises experienced healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and therapists, who work together to provide the highest level of care and support to each patient. The centre offers a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery, including medical detox, therapy, and support groups. Ibiza Calm is a specialized centre that provides alcoholism rehab for individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction. The goal of the treatment is to help individuals understand the underlying causes of their addiction and develop the tools and strategies needed to maintain sobriety in the long term.

Alcoholism is the excessive and repeated use of alcohol in a compulsive and addictive way. According to some experts, the electrical brain­waves in people suffering from alcoholism differ from those who are non-­alcoholics, meaning that alcoholism is a physical and psychological disease.

There are nine million problem drinkers in the UK, and 7% of our adult population has alcohol dependence. Around 33,000 die yearly because of alcoholism, and many more suffer health problems such as liver disease, pancreatitis, diabetes and heart problems.

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short diagnosis
for alcoholism*

To be diagnosed as an alcohol dependent person, three of the following criterion need to be fulfilled:

  • → High level of tolerance drinking more to obtain the same effect
  • → Use and abuse of alcohol for longer and with larger quantities than planned
  • → Withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit
  • → Unsuccessful attempts at reducing use
  • → Most of the time is spent drinking, procuring drink or recovering from heavy use
  • → Relationship and human bonds are sacrificed in favour of drinking
  • → Alcohol abuse continues, despite realising that it is harmful for the body.

* Diagnosis of addiction requires a thorough examination by a professional.


Do i have a problem with drinking

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Do you ever drink to relieve emotional stress?


Do you ever drink alone?


During the past year, have you ever felt remorse after drinking?


How many times in the past year have you tried to cut down or stop drinking?


How many times in the past year have you missed work because of a hangover or drinking?


On a typical drinking day, how many drinks do you have?


In an average week, how many days do you drink?


How often do you have more than six drinks in one go?


There is definitely a problem with alcohol misuse.

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Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar Disorder

New research shows that depression and bipolar disorder often accompany drug and alcohol misuse.

At Ibiza Calm we carefully assess for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder on admission, and provide individualised therapy that is tailored to each client.

These conditions may have already been diagnosed, but often not. Our medical director will assess if those ups and downs are a separate condition, or the result of a drinking/drug taking lifestyle, and what is the best way forward.

What if I want to help a loved one?

Careful and gentle experts

If family doesn’t intervine, who will? We help families get their loved ones into addiction treatment.

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  • Experienced team

    Experienced team

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    Bespoke treatment

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