Highly effective and luxurious professional rehab in Spain

Specialised in treating addiction to drugs, alcohol and prescription medicine.

Bespoke One to One Treatment

Here at Ibiza Calm, we recognise that some of our clients are looking for a more individualised and bespoke approach to treatment than many other treatment facilities offer; one where the client is able to receive all the care and attention necessary to recover in an exclusive one to one environment. Some clients will also require help with family members too and we are able to offer a tailored solution where accommodation is also provided for either family members, or staff or security.

Clients who opt for this treatment approach are able to enjoy exclusive use of our two bedroom upper house and or the exclusive use of our large country house and grounds for an extended period of time to deal with a variety of health issues including:

  • Addictions
  • Eating Disorders
  • Stress, Depression & Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Chronic Pain
  • Trauma

In addition to the multi occupancy benefits of the luxurious country house & grounds, clients will also have a personalized treatment plan that includes:

  • Daily 1-1 therapy
  • Exclusive access to a private doctor and psychiatrist
  • Accompanied external business & leisure trips
  • Enhanced security, as well as our usual guarantees around discretion & anonymity
  • Access to Skype, email, telephone etc. for business and family purposes
  • An appropriate fitness regime within and outside of the grounds
  • First class daily complementary therapies including Shiatsu & Indian Head Massage
  • Planned meal regime utilising an in-house chef and dietician
  • A continuing care package that also offers a 24 hour live in clinical option once you leave treatment if you wish
  • We can provide all travel arrangements, including private jet passage and highly trained travel companions, ensuring a safe secure worry-free experience.

Our previous clients choosing this private and bespoke treatment option are typically busy individuals from the business and arts world and other people who have lives where it is simply impossible to ‘go missing’ completely for any significant period of extended time. With the support and individualised care we provide in this unique environment, clients are able to recover at their own pace in peace and security with a graduated return to a re-energised & more productive new life.

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