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Anxiety Disorders

The most common anxiety disorders are:

Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) involves chronic and constant excessive worry and anticipation of disaster in every area of life. Symptoms include insomnia, headaches, sweatiness, fatigue, trembling, hot flushes, and difficulty swallowing.

Panic disorder often includes repeated and sudden panic attacks characterised by a pounding heart, weakness, dizziness, tingling, chest pain, nausea, choking, terror, the fear of impending doom and a loss of control.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can develop after experiencing a terrifying event such as a violent attack, natural disaster, accident, or war. The symptoms include persistent frightening thoughts and memories of the ordeal, sleep problems and traumatic nightmares, emotional numbness, loss of interest and motivation, and even aggression and violence.

Social phobia involves overwhelming anxiety and self-consciousness about ordinary social situations. Sufferers are so nervous and fearful of being judged by others and are so embarrassed by themselves to the extent that the condition affects work, school, and friendships. Symptoms include trembling, nausea, blushing and sweating.

Specific phobias are an irrational and extreme fear of something; usually an object, animal, food, person, activity, or situation; that in reality presents little or no danger, which leads the sufferer to go to extreme lengths to avoid the object of their fear. Some examples are a fear of flying, tunnels, water, dogs, spiders, heights, rodents, blood.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) causes anxious thoughts and fears that control the individual’s life. Leading to the performance of compulsive rituals, used to stave off disaster. By acting out certain behaviours, according to specific rules they are able to relieve the extreme anxiety. OCD can take many different forms, but the feelings of intense anxiety and the need to act out rituals to relieve the anxiety are common.

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