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Ibiza Calm addiction and mental health treatment centre offers a comprehensive treatment programme that includes various therapeutic approaches to help individuals recover from addiction, dependencies, and psychological conditions including anxiety, depression, codependency, and burnout. The programme includes individual counselling, group therapy, educational workshops, art therapy, yoga, and fitness sessions.

Additionally, mutual support meetings are held off-site to provide ongoing support for individuals in recovery from addiction. The centre has a full medical team, including an experienced psychiatrist, who visits twice a week, and nurses on-site every night, to provide medical support and monitoring. With a variety of therapeutic and medical options, Ibiza Calm’s programme is designed to address the unique needs of each individual, providing the best chance for a successful recovery.

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A standard room in the main house. The programme activities are compulsory within the capacities and abilities of each client.

7,000€ per week
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This includes an individual deluxe ensuite room in either the upper or lower house. The morning programme activities are compulsory, but the afternoon activities are optional.

10,000€ per week
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Full Bespoke

This includes an individual deluxe ensuite room in either the upper or lower house. All timetable activities are available as optional, plus extra sessions or therapies as required.

15,000€ per week
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Luxury Bespoke

This offers all the treatments services and facilities of the Full Bespoke Programme but also includes exclusive use of "The Casita".

POA per week
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Admission Process

Easy steps into Calm Ibiza


Phone call

A family member or a patient calls, we will explain the time frame, suitability, our costs and answer any other questions.


Admission Assessment

An initial telephone assessment with the client.


Set a date

We give each client a date for admission and everyone is greeted by our clinical team on arrival.