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How’s my relationship with food?

Try this simple quiz as a first step to finding out:

  1.   I worry about being overweight. Yes/No
  2.   I’m usually on a diet of some sort. Yes/No
  3.   Every day I spend a lot of time thinking about what to eat and what not to eat. Yes/No
  4.   I quite often feel guilty after eating. Yes/No
  5.   If my favorite food’s not in the house, I’ll hunt around the shops at night to buy some. Yes/No
  6.   When I exercise I’m thinking about how many calories I’m burning up. Yes/No
  7.   I often eat until I feel bloated. Yes/No
  8.   I sometimes use laxatives to help me lose weight. Yes/No
  9.   I don’t like going out to dinner or eating in company. Yes/No
  10.  I feel more in control when I don’t eat. Yes/No
  11.  The thought of just having normal meals makes me miserable. Yes/No
  12.  I’ll only be happy when I’m the right size and shape. Yes/No

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to six or more of these questions, it’s suggested you seriously think about getting some help.

This questionnaire cannot replace an evaluation by a professional, and is only a first guide in the assessment process. If you are at all worried about your relationship to food, please contact a member of our team for further assistance.

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