5 Tips for Maintaining your Recovery whilst Self-Isolating

Social distancing and self-isolation can be a struggle for anyone, but for those with in recovery this period of quarantine can be particularly difficult. You may feel like you’ve lost your sense of routine, feel disconnected with your support network. Add to this, the general uncertainty surrounding the current world as we know it can contribute to anxiety and depression.  [...]

6 April, 2020|Categories: News|

America’s Oxycontin Epidemic

“We do not, most of us, choose to die; nor do we choose the time and conditions of our death. But within this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we live”  (Jeffrey Epstein)  Let’s abbreviate this...We get born, we do stuff, and we die. We all hope for a good end without pondering too long on how it might [...]

10 March, 2020|Categories: News|

Balearic Booze Ban

Balearic party meccas have existed in a state of begrudging trade-off for decades: weighing the economic benefit of booze-fuelled tourism against the reputational cost of the drunkenness. But the balance has finally tipped with new legislation arriving in January 2020 targeting the forums of drunken excess in Palma and Magaluf (Majorca), as well as San Antonio (Ibiza).  Branded pub-crawls will [...]

15 February, 2020|Categories: News|

Reflecting on January

Many of us sighed with audible relief when February arrived last week, and with good reason. Monday the 20th of January marked ‘Blue Monday’, apparently the most depressing day of the year.  It falls annually on the 3rd Monday of January. I know Blue Monday well because it sits evenly between my father’s birthday and mine -another blue day in a [...]

6 February, 2020|Categories: News|

The Chemsex Drug Scene

The Chemsex Scene Combining drugs with sexual experience is something people have done since drugs and sex began. In many respects, sex is just one of a number of mechanisms through which it is possible to achieve a sense of euphoric high, so combining it with other artificial stimulants that aim to take an individual to similar places both psychologically [...]

23 December, 2019|Categories: News|

How Effective is Naloxone Prescribing? And What More Needs to be Done ?

Deaths due to illicit drug misuse have been rising steadily every year in the UK and are now a bigger killer than deaths caused by traffic accidents. While estimates suggest that illicit opiate use is less prevalent than the use of other drugs, data show that nearly 9 in 10 drug-related deaths across the UK involved an opioid. With its [...]

27 November, 2019|Categories: News|