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Self Assessment Questionnaire: Gambling

If you think you may be gambling too much, try answering these questions as a first step towards working out if you need help:

  1.   Have you ever gambled to relieve stress or worry? Yes/No
  2.   Have you ever borrowed money to gamble? Yes/No
  3.   Have you ever lied to friends or family about your gambling – how often you gambled, how much you lost? Yes/No
  4.   Do you often go gambling to celebrate something – a birthday, or a new job? Yes/No
  5.   Have you ever missed work because of your gambling? Yes/No
  6.   Have you ever thought about stealing or getting money in other illegal ways to gamble? Yes/No
  7.   Do you think about gambling quite often even when you’re doing other things, like working or socializing, or when lying in bed at night? Yes/No
  8.   After you’ve lost money, do you feel an urge to keep going to try and win it back? Yes/No
  9.   Do you feel regret or remorse about gambling? Yes/No
  10.  Have you often gambled until the last penny was gone? Yes/No
  11.  Have you ever gambled money you needed to pay bills? Yes/No
  12.  Do you promise yourself you’ll stop after a certain point or after spending a certain amount of money, and then find yourself carrying on, unable to stop? Yes/No

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to four or more of these questions, it’s possible you have a gambling problem, and it’s recommended to contact a member of our team for further assistance. (This questionnaire is only a basic guide, and cannot replace a professional evaluation)

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