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Am I
an addict?

Am I an addict?

Diagnosis of addiction requires a thorough examination by a professional. However, below is a short self­ assessment questionnaire as a first step to finding out whether you have the disease of addiction. When answering the questions, apply them to your chosen substance or behaviour. For example, if you go shopping to make yourself feel better, apply each question to your shopping habits. If you have more than one habit, apply the questions to the one that affects you most frequently. You might be guilty and ashamed of your behaviour but it’s important to be honest – do not minimise or maximise your problem. Addiction is easy to deny, and even the most experienced practitioners don’t fully understand its nature.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to more than two of these questions, it’s likely that you have an addictive personality, and it’s recommended to contact a member of our team for further assistance. (This questionnaire is only a basic guide, and cannot replace a professional evaluation.)

test yourself…

Do you continuously use the substance or act out the addictive behaviour, despite knowing there are harmful consequences?


Do you sneak or hide consumption or behaviour, for example, covering up how much money you have spent/gambled, or sneaking away to purge after a meal?


Do you lie to friends, colleagues, family or doctors to disguise the behaviour?


Have you had accidents, or been in dangerous situations due to consumption or addictive behaviour?


Have you lost a job due to the addictive behaviour/consumption?


Have any relationships with friends or loved ones been broken as a result of the behaviour/consumption?


Do you minimise your use of the substance or addictive behaviour (i.e., pretend you use/do less than you actually do)?


Have you tried to stop and failed?


Do you have continuous feelings of shame, guilt, or remorse?


Are you always thinking about the next high, the next meal or the next bet?


There is definitely a problem with a drug or medication use.

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