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Luxury Addiction Treatment Center

At Ibiza Calm, our luxury addiction treatment center, we understand what it takes to get your life back. Our addiction and mental health treatment services provide individualised care, that is reactive to the needs of each client and lays the foundations for long-term recovery. We have a highly qualified, professional team of doctors, nurses, therapists, counsellors, key workers, and support staff who are on hand 24 hours-a-day to support you as you take the first step on your journey of healing.

What is addiction?

Addiction can affect anyone, irrespective of age, class, ethnicity, or gender. It can occur in many forms, whether to a substance such as alcohol, drugs and prescription medication, or a behaviour like gambling or sex.

A serious, life-threatening, mental health disorder that is characterised as not having control over the use of a substance (or multiple substances); or the compulsion to participate in a specific activity; to the point where it is harmful, or dangerous, to the addict or those around them.

The effects of addiction are far-reaching, it rips apart families and destroys lives. It negatively impacts upon relationships, health, finances, and domestic or household dynamics.

Ibiza Calm Addiction Treatment Center and its beautiful property

What makes Ibiza Calm special?

We are the most personalised addiction treatment center and mental health rehab clinic in Europe. We have chosen to adopt a climate of serenity and peace and have developed a place of healing. Somewhere where our clients can feel fostered and protected in complete privacy, able to have the space they need to start their journey of recovery.

We treat a variety of addictions, including alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription medicine dependency, and process addictions (food disorders, gambling, and codependency); and mental health conditions such as generalised anxiety, major depressive disorder, bipolar and burnout.

Treatments available at our addiction and mental health rehab center.

Ibiza Calm uses a combination of therapeutic approaches and treatment options.

Medically assisted detox.

If required, the first stage of care at our addiction treatment center will be a medically assisted detox.

Detoxification, also known as detox, is often the initial step when an individual has been taking a physically dependent substance. This includes alcohol and prescription medicines, as well as some street drugs. Withdrawing from these can be dangerous and needs to be properly supervised, by a fully qualified, licensed medical professional.

At Ibiza Calm we have a full team of doctors, nurses, and psychotherapists, headed by our medical director, Dr Manuel Rodriguez. This enables us to ensure there is always a medical professional in attendance, on-site 24 hours a day.

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Logotherapy is a form of counselling that focuses on finding meaning, recognising a positive life purpose, life values, and clear goals. During sessions, the therapist will guide the client towards identifying these within themselves.

It is founded on the principle that the primary motivation for human beings is to find meaning in their life. When a person cannot find meaning, they experience feelings such as emptiness, worthlessness, and futility. The frustration around this leads to anger, addiction, and depression.

Client-centred therapy.

Client-centred or person-centred therapy is a humanistic method that focuses on how individuals knowingly perceive themselves, rather than how a counsellor interprets their unconscious thoughts and actions. It focuses on the individual’s natural self-healing process.

In person-centred therapy the client acts as an equal partner in the therapy process, the therapist remains non-directive—they don’t pass judgments on feelings or offer suggestions or solutions. Within the correct client/counsellor relationship the individual drives the therapy sessions and establishes what they want to do with their lives.

EMDR (Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing).

Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy that uses bilateral stimulation to help people recover from trauma or other distressing life experiences.

A shocking, harrowing, or painful event can make an individual feel stunned and emotionally paralysed, and their brain is unable to completely process the situation. This can mean they are stuck with a disturbing, powerful memory that they can’t move on from.

EMDR aims to help the brain process the memory properly, making it no longer so extreme. By asking the person to recall the event whilst engaging in a form of bilateral stimulation; moving their eyes side to side or listening to sounds in alternate ears; it seems to unstick the memory and enable the individual to process it normally.

It has been used to help thousands of war and combat veterans, frontline emergency service professionals, the survivors of disasters, and abuse. It has also proved effective in the treatment of chronic pain, and those struggling with addiction and other mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, eating, and panic disorders.

Ibiza Calm Addiction Treatment Center -The TMS Machine

TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation).

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive, non-convulsive method of brain stimulation therapy that has proved effective in the treatment of addiction as well as other neurological and mental health conditions such as depression and general anxiety disorder.

TMS uses a magnetic field to deliver a short-lasting electrical pulse into the brain where it stimulates neurons (nerve cells). This has been shown to improve communication between different areas of the brain, particularly in the superficial regions of the cerebral cortex.

We have a TMS machine on-site at the addiction treatment center, and it is regularly used as part of our programmes.

Group therapy.

We know that being part of a group increases treatment outcomes. Suffering with an addiction or mental health issue, is often lonely and leads to isolation. Group therapy gives the individual an opportunity to share, and hear, from other like-minded people.

Group therapy is a big part of the programme at Ibiza Calm. We also run group workshops on a range of topics, including powerlessness, anger, family dynamics, acceptance, and trauma.

Ibiza Calm Addiction Treatment Center - The Equine Therapy

Equine facilitated therapy.

Horses are intelligent and sensitive creatures and working with them can help those struggling with addiction and other mental health disorders. Equine facilitated therapy is a treatment in which humans interact with horses in their natural environment, helping to support emotional growth and learning. It is a collaborative effort between the client, the therapist, and the horses themselves.

Working with horses teaches the importance of building healthy relationships, establishing and understanding boundaries, learning about responsibility and how to focus. It increases trust, confidence and self-control and fosters feelings of being needed and wanted.

Throughout their stay at our luxury addiction treatment center, clients have weekly visits to a beautiful and secluded farm set in the Ibiza hills. No previous experience of horses is necessary and there is no riding involved, making it accessible and suitable for everyone. Clients are always accompanied by a qualified and registered equine psychotherapist.


A successful treatment programme will include education on addiction, and the need for the use of a long-term maintenance plan. Following a stay in an addiction treatment center, support is vital to ensure ongoing abstinence from addictive substances, or behaviours, and continued mental health well-being.

Included within all our treatment packages is a free aftercare service, for six months. Consisting of a weekly group support session, held on zoom, and facilitated by one of our therapists. Clients are introduced to the aftercare group before they leave treatment, thus ensuring they get continuity of care, and confidence in the ongoing process.

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Admission Process



Phone call

A family member or a patient calls, we will explain the time frame, suitability, our costs and answer any other questions.


Admission Assessment

An initial telephone assessment with the client.


Set a date

We give each client a date for admission and everyone is greeted by our clinical team on arrival.

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