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Ibiza Calm - Erada Dubai International Conference
20/03/2018 | category: News

Erada Dubai International Conference

We were recently invited to the 1st Erada (erada.ae) international conference on addiction, a brain and social disease. The ground-breaking conference was the first of its kind in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. There were speakers from all over the region and guest speakers from Harvard, presenting up to date research and findings in good clinical practice.

Afterward we were also invited to the highly impressive rehabilitation centres, the Erada centre (Dubai) and the National Rehabilitation centre (nrc.ae) in Abu Dhabi.

We returned from our trip with even more passion and energy to continue the good work of Ibiza calm, helping break the cycle and stigma of addiction.

We also hope that we can return the fantastic hospitality to the Erada centre and NRC.

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