5 Reasons to Travel Abroad for Rehab

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Ibiza Calm - 5 Reasons to Travel Abroad for Rehab
18/09/2020 | category: News

5 Reasons to Travel Abroad for Rehab

So, you’ve taken the brave first step in admitting that you need help, but where should you seek it? It is important to understand that rehab is not a one-size-fits-all model, so it is vital to find the right place for you in order to facilitate the greatest chance of recovery. Medical tourism refers to the process of seeking medical treatment in a different country. It is common amongst Brits, with hundreds of thousands of people travelling abroad each year to have all number of procedures. But when it comes to rehab, have you considered the possibility that travelling abroad can be more beneficial than staying at home? There are number of reasons that travelling abroad to start your recovery journey might be beneficial to you:

A New Environment

A new environment can allow you to see your life from a fresh perspective. By taking yourself out of your normal environment you choose remove yourself from everyday stresses and temptations. At home you may feel yourself surrounded by ‘reasons’ to drink or use drugs and taking yourself out of that environment means that you are removing yourself from those reasons; you are disconnecting from the enablers and negative people in your life. If you are worried about readjusting to everyday life on your return home, be assured that here in Spain, at Ibiza Calm we have a relapse prevention and aftercare program for all of our clients.

Ibiza Calm Rehab In Spain New Environment

A Fresh Start

When you combine the beginning of your rehabilitation process with a trip abroad you can make the entire process more meaningful as well as memorable. For example, choosing a rehab in a scenic environment means that you are building the foundations for a new future in a meaningful space. Here at Ibiza Calm, for example, we use our 3-hectare estate of orange and lemon groves to encourage our clients to go for walks, exercise outside and use the environment to enhance their entire rehabilitation experience. We are surrounded by the pristine Mediterranean sea and evergreen pine forests. We believe that the island’s serene surroundings make it the perfect place for an effective and restful recovery.

Ibiza Calm Rehab In Spain Restart


Often through travelling abroad you can find more luxurious facilities that suit a smaller budget. Not only this, but you may find you have access to specific and expert treatments that would otherwise not be available to you. At Ibiza Calm for example we stray from the standard ‘boot camp’ model, instead creating a supportive and restful space in which our clients recover. We further make use of a TMS machine at Ibiza Calm, a machine that is used to treat a spectrum of disorders including major depressive disorder, tinnitus, obsessive-compulsive disorders and many more. Ibiza is one of few rehabs to offer this specialist, non-invasive treatment and clients that are seeking such treatment may wish to come to us. It is worth noting that by seeking treatment abroad you will not be sacrificing the quality of care you receive, you can in fact often get a better, more personal treatment plan. Rehab centres abroad simply could not operate unless their standards of care are internationally recognised.

Ibiza Calm Rehab In Spain Affordability


Seeking help for addiction can sometimes seem daunting and is a courageous thing to do. Often patients will want to undergo treatment with complete discretion. This can be due to employment or simply personal preference. By travelling abroad you allow yourself more privacy, you do not have to disclose your reason for travel and you’re less likely to bump into anyone you know in a new environment.

Ibiza Calm Rehab In Spain Anonymity


Many foreign rehab clinics offer considerably more sunshine than we are used to in the U.K. Ibiza for example experiences 300 blue-sky days per year. Sunshine has been proven to have massive benefits on mental and physical health, including better moods, higher quality sleep and lower blood pressure.

Ibiza Calm Rehab In Spain Sunshine

If you think that seeking treatment abroad might be the right step for you, do not be put-off by the journey. At Ibiza Calm, we are able to send a peer supporter to travel with you if you do not feel like you can make the journey on your own. You will also be accompanied by a medical note from our on-site doctor and picked up from the airport to be taken directly to our rehab. If you have any information about admissions or are interested in hearing more about travelling to Ibiza Calm, please contact Sharon@ibizacalm.com

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