Ibiza Calm celebrates 8 years!

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Ibiza Calm - Ibiza Calm celebrates 8 years!
01/06/2023 | category: News

Ibiza Calm celebrates 8 years!

Our luxury residential rehab centre – set on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza, opened its doors to clients on 6th June 2015; and has since grown in both size and stature. We are the most personalised addiction and mental health treatment centre throughout the whole of Europe.

With mental health problems; including depression, bipolar, and anxiety; being increasingly more common, the centre focuses on the treatment of all psychological and dependency illnesses. In addition to treating individuals with chronic and long-term conditions, our expert team with early intervention, using proven techniques and a holistic approach, have been able to help hundreds of clients to arrest the progress of their disease, and manage their symptoms before they get out of control.

Ibiza Calm Rehab Spain 8 Years 6

Rehab clinic in Spain.

The clinic is housed in an authentic Ibizan finca, located on an eight-acre private estate, surrounded by orange and lemon groves. A place where our clients can feel fostered and protected, completely embraced by nature. Leaving behind the old boot camp approach of shared rooms and tough love; creating a climate of peace and serenity, a true centre of healing.

A safe space to start a journey of recovery, from all forms of alcohol, drug, or process addiction; and any cooccurring, related, or persistent mental health issue. A stay at Ibiza Calm is designed to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, not a torturous trip. There is room to relax and unwind; two gorgeous pools and an outdoor gym, to burn off some energy; and welcoming therapeutic spaces geared specifically towards talking.

The uniqueness of Ibiza Calm means that our bespoke guests can have whatever mixture of one-on-one and group-care they decide on. We are not limited, like some other centres, where clients must decide between being treated in a group, or independently. Our rehab can cater to all individual’s specific needs.

Ibiza Calm Rehab Spain 8 Years 1

Treatment options at the rehab centre.

When the clinic first opened, there were four bedrooms available for clients. Over the last eight years, the centre has grown, it now has the facility to accommodate twelve, with a variety of treatment packages.

Making the decision to keep the numbers low, means all our clients gets the right balance of privacy, one-to-one time, and group interactions. Individual, single-occupancy rooms ensure that everyone has their own space, and somewhere to retreat if they need a little alone time.

The expansion of the rehab centre has seen the addition of the tailored, full and luxury bespoke programmes. With these, the client receives all the care and attention necessary to recover in an exclusive one-to-one environment; they have more input in exactly how their stay is managed; help and support is available for their family members (if required); plus, accommodation can be provided for family, staff, or security.

Ibiza Calm Rehab Spain 8 Years 5

La Casita.

The Luxury Bespoke Programme includes exclusive access to “La Casita”, a secluded standalone suite located on the grounds of our eight-acre estate. With its own entrance, pool, and grounds, it is ideal for clients who want complete peace and total anonymity.

Because we have the accommodation, amenities, and additional services to be able to house guests separately from the main house; we can offer two additional bespoke services.

• Inpatient couples. We offer a service catering for couples wanting to enter the treatment centre together. This could be because both partners need to address issues, or because one wants the other by their side as a companion.

• Exclusive medical detoxification programme. In most cases, a minimum 28-day stay would always be optimum, however for some clients, it is just not possible. Because we have the capacity to do so, we can administer a 14-day detox programme in the Casita. With a personalised nurse on hand, and the support of our full medical team 24-hours a day.

Ibiza Calm Rehab Spain 8 Years 2

The rehab centre team.

The idea for the centre was the vision and dream of managing director John McKeown, who together with the centre’s co-founder and operations director Stephen Clark, wanted to provide the best possible treatment and care, in idyllic, comfortable surroundings.

John and Stephen collectively have more than 55 years’ experience in the addiction treatment field. They are consummate professionals and have a heartfelt desire to help people struggling with addiction and all other mental health conditions.

John McKeown – Managing Director of Ibiza Calm.

Ibiza Calm International Rehab Addiction Clinic12John McKeown has worked in the addiction and mental health field since 1987. He trained as an Addiction Counsellor and Clinical Psychotherapist at the Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ School of Medicine; and is registered with UKCP – the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

John was instrumental in setting up the first drug and alcohol rehabilitation project in the British prison system. He has worked with several well-known UK premiership football clubs, running an educational program, and providing clinical support.

Stephen Clark – Operations Director at Ibiza Calm.

Ibiza Calm Rehab Clinic STEPHEN CLARK WebStephen Clark has been actively involved in the field of addiction recovery for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of addicts and alcoholics to find their way during those difficult early days of sobriety.

He has lived in southern Spain for the last 15 years, and is a highly respected and successful businessman both there and in the U.K. His experience and knowledge have been essential in establishing Ibiza Calm and making it what it is today.

In addition to John and Stephen, we have a team of highly qualified international staff, who bring with them a huge wealth of knowledge in the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders.

Headed up by Medical Director, Dr Manuel Rodriguez, who oversees all the medical and clinical treatment at the clinic. Manuel trained as a physician in Malaga, completing his psychiatric residency at the José Germain Psychiatric Institute in Madrid, before carrying out a rotation at the New York Psychiatric Institute.

Clinical Manager and psychologist, Lluc Acero Martínez got his BSc in Psychology and then a masters in drug addiction from the University of Barcelona; before gaining a further degree in logotherapy and existential analysis from ALEA.

Our Assistant Manager Ilaria Lenti graduated as a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Rome, and as a Sexologist from the University of L’Aquila, Italy. Ilaria is also a trained Group Analyst and a mindfulness psychosomatic teacher.

Therapy at the rehab centre.

Therapy is a huge part of recovery from any psychological condition, and not only do we have the best trained and certified doctors, therapists, and counsellors available, we are also able to present the most up to date therapeutic disciplines and practices.

Ibiza Calm Rehab Spain 8 Years 3

TMS machine in situ.

As part of our treatment programme, we offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) onsite. TMS is a non-invasive form of brain stimulation therapy that has proved effective in the treatment of neurological and mental health conditions such as depression or addiction.

TMS uses a magnetic field to deliver a short-lasting electrical pulse into the brain where it stimulates neurons (nerve cells). This has been shown to improve communication between different areas of the brain, particularly in the superficial regions of the cerebral cortex.

Ibiza Calm Rehab Spain 8 Years 4

Equine-facilitated therapy.

We use equine-facilitated therapy as part of our broader treatment programme. This is done in partnership with Kate Stillman of Ibiza Counselling. Kate is a fully qualified psychotherapist and certified equine psychotherapist.

In addition to our treatment programmes.

Running alongside our treatment programmes we offer the following support packages.

• Aftercare programme.
All our treatment programmes come with an aftercare package, which consists of weekly zoom meetings facilitated by one of our highly qualified team of counsellors and therapists.

• Family support.
Our family support starts from the moment a client enters treatment. We hold weekly, online group sessions, facilitated by one of our highly experienced psychotherapists.

• Extra support.
We can also offer a companion collection service, this ensures clients are completely supported and nurtured, by a qualified member of staff, from their home to the treatment centre.

For further information on our luxury treatment centre and any details on programmes or admissions, please contact [email protected]

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